Owner/Team Principal/Driver Coach/Driver

A degree in Operations Management from Florida State University, a lifetime spent in and around racing, personally preparing and racing GTA road race stock cars, and 7 years in Healthcare administration has provided an excellent background for race team management. Since founding Pinnacle Autosports in 2002, Gregg’s role has evolved from mechanic and fabricator to that of team principal. As team principal Gregg is responsible for the day to day operations. This includes procurement of all equipment and parts required by the race team, marketing, client and business development, strategic planning and the overall management of Pinnacle’s commitments. Gregg’s role at the track is that of team manager and driver coach. Ultimately, Gregg is responsible for the product that Pinnacle delivers to its clients.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Gregg has spent the last 9 years creating an organization that is known for having the most well prepped cars at the track. A stickler for detail, Gregg oversees every aspect of Pinnacle Autosports’ product. When Gregg is not working on customer cars, you will find him sharing his passion with his wife, Stacy, at the track racing their GTA cars with both the SCCA and NASA. When not at the track, Stacy and Gregg are foster parents for the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas.


Engineer/Crew Chief

Since Jeff was old enough to walk he has been passionate about motorsports.  His path towards a career in motorsports has been multifaceted.   Jeff has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of North Texas.  His experience includes building 600 plus h.p. street legal Mustang drag cars, racing  FP MG midgets in the SCCA, and karts and Mini-Sprints.  He continues to race R/C cars when he is not racing with the team. 

Jeff has extensive experience in race engine building and fabrication including roll cage design and construction for production and tube frame chassis cars.  Over the past 7 number of years he has done more than 1100 runs at the chassis dyno optimizing the race engines for Pinnacle’s clients.  Jeff has engineered a diverse group of racecars including low horse power small bore 4 cylinder cars to 800 plus horse power American V8s.  Like Gregg, his attention to detail is such that problems are spotted in the shop during race car preparation prior to ever leaving for the track.    Jeff is experienced in data acquisition review and analysis.  In today’s racing environment, data acquisition is a must, but it is only as good as one’s ability to analyze the data.

All of this experience has provided Jeff with an excellent foundation for his role as Engineer and Crew Chief. As Crew Chief he is responsible for the overall preparation of the cars. Jeff is highly motivated and determined to ensure that Pinnacle’s cars are the best prepared race cars on the track.

Driver Coach/Business Development

Tim began his racing career in the early 1970s on a motocross bike.  Competitive by nature, Tim has participated in multiple sports culminating in playing two sports on the collegiate level, lacrosse and golf.  In 1997, Tim felt the need to race again, but this time the pull was cars.  Since 1997, Tim has prepped and raced everything from 125 shifter karts, to vintage Bristish sports cars to modern push-rod suspension formula cars.  He has driven almost every type of modern-day racecar.  In the past few years, Tim has put his experience to work as chief instructor for Hallett Motor Racing Circuit’s High Speed Touring Program and at the Stephen’s Brother’s race school.  As an instructor, Tim works with student to help them develop the proper techniques necessary to be a smooth well disciplined race car driver.  Tim’s skill is in being able to communicate the complex movements and techniques that make a good racer, with both novice and experienced drivers, in such a manner that is readily understood.  This is accomplished through one on one strategy sessions with the driver, analysis of both in-car video and data acquisition, pre-race mental visualization and post race debriefings.

Tim has bachelors of science degree in Physics and Engineering from Washington & Lee University.  When Tim is not at the track, he enjoys snow skiing and taking his two daughters and their horses to shows.


Marketing and Public Relations

Cindy has more than 25 years fundraising, strategic and business planning, marketing and public relations experience. She specializes in event management, sponsorship acquisition and fulfillment and strategic planning.  Cindy’s bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in English coupled with numerous professional training hours give her a broad and deep understanding of complex relationship building necessary to the success of any racing program.

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